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Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

A representative from Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) has been in touch with the parish council to explain how they can help communities become more resilient in the event of a prolonged power cut.
They talked through their Priority Services Register that residents who may need extra support during a power cut can sign up to. Those eligible to join the Priority services are:
• Those dependent on electricity for medical home care e.g. Kidney dialysis machine/ventilator
• Those who have a chronic illness or short-term medical condition e.g. recovering from a major operation
• Those who are disabled
• Those who have special communication needs e.g. blind, partially sighted, deaf or hard of hearing
• Those who have children under five years old
• Those who are over 60 years old
To register with the priority service, you can call FREE on 0800 294 3259 from a landline or mobile. Or 0800 316 5457 from a textphone. Or use the website https://www.ssen.co.uk/Home/
If you would like a Priority Services leaflet, please contact Dilton Marsh parish council on: Email: diltonmarshpc@aol.co.uk

To report all power cuts and emergencies call 105

The Parish Council has received notification of an urgent road closure of the A350 in Westbury.
Further information can be found under Highways Information.

Press release from: Department of Health and Social Care
Published 28 September 2020
New legal duty to self-isolate comes into force today
From today, people in England will be required by law to self-isolate if they test positive or are contacted by NHS Test and Trace.
The press release can be found in the COVID folder on the website.


The reports submitted for Parish Council meetings are now available on the website and can be found under PARISH COUNCIL REPORTS.
The police report is not published due to the sensitive nature of the report.

Financial information can be found under Finances, Financial Position Statements.

Parish Council comments on planning applications can be found under PLANNING APPLICATIONS AND COMMENTS.

If there is any additional information you require, please contact the Parish Clerk.


Prince of Wales
At an extraordinary meeting on 20/08/20, the Parish Council voted unanimously against submitting a request to delay the sale of the pub for six months. The proposal put to Councillors was:
“We propose, in the best interests of allowing the pub to be reopened as soon as possible, that the Parish Council does not move forward with an expression of interest from the community but allows the pub to go to auction. If it is sold, then the Parish Council would agree to work with the new owners for the benefit of the community."

The pub is listed as an Asset of Community Value and is to be sold at auction on 23/09/20 as a commercial venture. The Parish Council will aim to work with the new owners to support the re-opening and building up of the business again. The PC would strongly oppose any application for change of use of the premises in the future.

Northacre Energy from Waste facility, Stevenson Rd, Westbury
You will have seen a lot of information about the new planning application, submitted on 10/08/20. As you are aware, permission was given for the development of a gasification plant; the new submission is for an incinerator, which is completely different. It’s a major development that will have a huge impact on the area, with only the statutory consultation period.
The PC will be making a response to Wiltshire Council on behalf of the parish, but you are all encouraged to send your views to www.wiltshire.gov.uk/planning. The closing date for submissions is 22/09/2020 and the planning application number is 20/06775/WCM.

Playing field and the Firs
Sadly, there have been some issues with young people abusing the children’s play area. The PC is grateful to those parents and Councillor Jarvis who have been cleaning and clearing away the mess left by a group of young people that are thought to come from Westbury. We are in touch with the local Community Policing Team for support and will be installing CCTV.
If you see anything amiss – bearing in mind that the play equipment is for children aged 6 and under – please report to the police on 101, PCSO Luke George via luke.george@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk and let the PC know at diltonmarshpc@aol.co.uk . It’s not always easy to keep track of the vast number of messages posted on Facebook, so please contact the Parish Council direct.

Just to remind you, when supervising children that are using the play equipment, please follow the guidelines to help keep everyone safe. The equipment is sanitised regularly.

On a lighter note, you will have seen that the two football teams are in action again, closely following the FA guidelines relating to COVID-19. Dilton Marsh Wanderers FC have played several friendly matches, with two wins at home – a great start, well done!
Both clubs have been working incredibly hard over the summer to improve the condition of the pitch – and are also looking for support from Wiltshire FC so that they can continue to use the pitch over the winter. The goal posts need to be replaced as they are old and worn – please ensure that children do not try to climb and swing on them.
Apparently, there is often dog mess on the pitch, so a reminder to dog walkers to make sure they pick up their dog mess – and keep dogs on a lead when training and matches are in progress. It goes without saying that picking up your dog mess applies to everywhere.

The containers and barrier have been painted – with anti-climb paint. Work is planned to upgrade the facilities inside the containers and a new barrier is to be installed at the entrance to Alan Powell Lane.

Parish Council meetings (17/09/2020, 15/10/2020, 19/11/2020)
Government advice continues to be that face-to-face meetings should still be avoided, so the Parish Council will hold their meetings via Zoom for the time being. All are welcome to join meetings and can register to speak if they wish. Zoom details will be included in the PC meeting Agendas. See Facebook or contact the Parish Clerk for more information.

Parish Council elections
Elections are due in May 2021 – everyone has a chance to stand and an election will be held if required.

CONTACT DETAILS: Nicola Duke, Parish Clerk, 01373 864127 diltonmarshpc@aol.co.uk

Notification of Notice to Dispose of The Prince of Wales Pub, Dilton Marsh as an Asset of Community Value

Members considered the Council’s response to the notification abovementioned at a meeting of the PC held on 20th August.

It was proposed by Cllr Irving, seconded by Cllr Jarvis and resolved that, in the best interests of allowing the pub to be reopened as soon as possible, that the Parish Council does not move forward with an expression of interest from the community but allows the pub to go to auction. If it is sold, then the Parish Council would agree to work with the new owners for the benefit of the community

Last orders to try and save our pub!

Come on Marshians, your pub really needs you! We only have UNTIL THE END OF AUGUST to get a group together who will work on coming up with a plan to save our pub.

At the moment we're not asking for people to pledge money towards its purchase ... what we need now are villagers who would be interested in putting some time and effort into looking at ways we might go about buying it. You don't have to bring any particular skills to the group - although if you do have financial, legal or administrative skills these would be particularly welcomed; just a willingness to try and keep the village pub as a community venture.

Several people have individually spoken of an interest in being part a group, so now we'd like you to MAKE CONTACT and give us your names so we can get the ball rolling. So long as we have a viable group of people, which we would need to register as a Community Interest Group, we can trigger the moratorium. This basically means the group then has six months to try and get a workable plan together to buy the Prince of Wales.

The Parish Council already knows of some possible funding routes which the group could follow up, so what we need is your enthusiasm and commitment to have a go at making this work. We all need to be aware that any bid we ultimately put to the pub's owner may be rejected, but surely better that than not having tried at all?

So, come on Marshians, please step up to the mark! Get in touch with Kathy Hutt [01373 301656, kathryn.hutt@live.co.uk] or Sonja Harris [01373 464081, sonjakv@sky.com] to express your interest in helping to form a working group, or for more information.

The pub's future will be the focus of our Parish Council online meeting on Thursday, August 20 when we hope members of the public will join us for the discussion.
To join in the Zoom meeting, contact the Parish Clerk at diltonmarshpc@aol.co.uk , or call her on 01373 864127.


To buy or not to buy? Tell the Parish Council what you think.

Hopefully, everyone in Dilton Marsh now knows that they need to make their views about the Prince of Wales known to the Parish Council. At this stage, what is needed is to form a group of volunteers to commit time and energy to research the possible options for putting together a viable bid to purchase the pub. If there are people ready and willing to do this, the Parish Council could request a six-month moratorium to delay the sale of the pub by its’ owner. A couple of people so far have responded positively.

When the pub was advertised for auction, the guide price was £180 - £200,000, so the owner is expecting to raise at least this amount, probably more. As many of you will know, substantial repairs and renovation to the building are needed, which would require further funds along with legal, set up and running costs. Grants towards all this may be accessible with a strong business case/plan.

Having done a lot of research and made contact with our local CAMRA Pub Protection Officer, who has a lot of experience of “saving” pubs for the community, we have been referred to some useful organisations that offer advice and support:

The Plunkett Foundation www.plunkett.co.uk which supports communities to establish community businesses, including pubs

Pub is the Hub (very aptly established by HRH the Prince of Wales) www.pubisthehub.org.uk has produced a very useful guide about community ownership which outlines the following main ways of funding this type of project:
• Community Interest Company
• Enterprise Investment Scheme
• Co-operative Societies and Community Benefit Societies
• Shared/private purchase as a community asset
• Public works loan board
• Companies limited by guarantee

There has been a number of successful ventures locally, including the Cross Keys at Corsley and you can read about the current situation with the Hop Pole Inn at Limpley Stoke at https://limpleystoke.org/chairmans-article

Please take some time to find out more about what could be involved and consider whether you would be prepared to become a member of a group to take this forward. There would be no financial commitment, just the will to make something happen for your community. The project would involve a lot of hard work and may not necessarily reach a successful outcome.

If no-one volunteers and decision is to not take the project forward, the pub will be auctioned in September as a commercial property. As it is already registered as an Asset of Community Value, the Parish Council would strongly challenge any future moves to sell it on for redevelopment and/or change of use.

The deadline for responses is Tuesday 18th August. The Parish Council will then consider whether to request a six-month moratorium at its online meeting on Thursday 20th August, so we need to know what you think. Please ask questions, send your comments or offer to join a group by contacting the Parish Clerk at diltonmarshpc@aol.co.uk , calling on 01373 864127 or writing to 81, Studland Park, Westbury BA13 3HN.

With best wishes
Your Parish Council

Update on the sale of the Prince of Wales

The Parish Council has received the following information from Wiltshire Council:
Disposal of The Prince of Wales Pub, 94 High Street, Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire, BA13 4DZ as an Asset of Community Value

Wiltshire Council has been informed by the owner of The Prince of Wales, Dilton Marsh that they intend to enter into a relevant disposal of the asset.

An interim moratorium on the sale of the asset is now in place until 3rd September 2020.

Community interest groups (the local parish council or an incorporated voluntary body with a local connection), have the opportunity in these six weeks to request to be treated as a potential bidder. Should Wiltshire Council receive such a request from a community interest group within these six weeks, then a six month ‘full moratorium’ period will be triggered, meaning that no sale can take place before 23rd January 2021. If no such request is received then the owner of the asset is free to dispose of the asset at the end of the six weeks and without any further moratoria until 23rd January 2022.

The full moratorium of six months, if triggered, is intended to allow Community Interest Groups time to raise funding to put together a credible bid to buy the asset. The owner is under no obligation to accept any such bid but the pause is intended to allow community groups time to organise themselves and increase the chance of a successful offer being made.

Information on this opportunity to be treated as a potential bidder is being made available on the council’s website. A notice will also be displayed at the site of the asset to inform the local community of the notice of disposal of the asset.

The Government’s regulations provide further detailed information on the precise definition of Community Interest Groups that are eligible to request being treated as a potential bidder. Locality also provide online support and guidance to potential bidders at (www.mycommunityrights.org.uk).

The Parish Council has agreed a consultation period and would like to hear from you if you have any comments, ideas and/or interest in making a bid to buy the pub. We will research the options available for forming a community group, raising funds etc and will circulate further information over the next few weeks.
The closing date for responses is Tuesday 18/08/20 so that they can be collated and presented to a Parish Council meeting on Thursday 20/08/20. This will be a virtual meeting on Zoom, which members of the public will be able to join.

All responses must be made via email to the Parish Clerk at diltonmarshpc@aol.co.uk , by telephone on 01373 864127 or by post to 81, Studland Park, Westbury, Wiltshire BA13 3HN.


Dilton Marsh Parish Council is aware of the proposed auction of the Prince of Wales. As the pub is listed as an asset of community value, Wiltshire Council has contacted the owner to advise that he has to submit a notice to dispose of the asset. This will then trigger an interim moratorium (ie delay on the sale) of six weeks to give community groups the opportunity to express their interest to bid for the asset.

Once the Parish Council has received confirmation of this, it will need to consult with the local community and decide whether to take a project forward. If the decision is to go ahead, a further moratorium of six months will be put in place to enable funds to be raised and a bid to be made. We should point out that even after all this is done, there is no guarantee that a bid will be accepted by the owner.

Please look out for more information from the Parish Council about this.


The Parish Council is pleased to be able to confirm that the play area has now been re-opened.
COVID19 Risk Assessments have been carried out and residents are asked to refer to the new signage throughout the play area for details of the guidelines for play.
A copy of the guidelines can also be found on the Play Area page of this website.
The play area will be deep cleaned twice weekly.

Please report any issues to the Parish Clerk on 07971 987806.


Things have moved on a lot and over the next few days we will have the opportunity to reclaim some more normality in our lives. Fairfield Farm College Café, Dilton Marsh Social Club and Crowning Glory will all be welcoming you back, with special measures in place to keep us all safe. Sadly, there is no news about the Prince of Wales but we hope that it will open at some point soon. Thanks again to Fairfield Farm College for keeping the shop and Post Office open and to Dilton Fish and Chips for keeping us fed all this time.

As you may have heard, play areas can re-open from 04/07/2020. However, the Parish Council has decided NOT to open the play areas on the playing field until safety measures outlined by the Government are in place. The play area at Woodland View is owned and managed by Wiltshire Council (not the Parish Council) and this may well be re-opened.

The containers on the playing field will hopefully be painted over the next few weeks. This will include anti-climb paint to discourage anyone from climbing on the roof.

Community Speedwatch is up and running again from mid-July and you will see the Dilton Marsh team in action at the beginning of August. Do offer your support and consider whether you can spare some time to join the team. We need to slow drivers down again!

Don’t forget to make sure that your friends and neighbours are ok; many will still be heeding Government advice to stay at home and may need a helping hand with shopping, collecting prescriptions and maybe things like gardening - or just a chat. After months of isolating or shielding, it’s not easy to be confident about going out and about again. If any volunteers are struggling because of other commitments, do contact Kathy Hutt on 01373 301656.

Remember to put a light in your window on Saturday 04/07/2020 to remember all those we have sadly lost. Then join the BIG THANK YOU to celebrate the birthday of our wonderful NHS with a one-off clap for carers on Sunday 05/07/2020 at 5pm. Find more information at https://together.org.uk

The Parish Council will be holding an online meeting in July. Details will be posted on noticeboards and published on the website https://dilton-marshpc.uk and on Facebook. Contact us at diltonmarshpc@aol.co.uk or 01373 864127.

Best wishes to all,
Kathy Hutt, Chair DMPC

The PC has received the following message from Graeme Morrison, our Community Engagement Manager:

Just a quick note to let you know that the Westbury Community Area Local Youth Network Facebook page has today been published.

You can see it and like/follow by clicking on the link below.


Please feel free to share this with your networks.

If you have agreed for your organisation to host any of the activities, and would like to be able to post updates, “please friend request” me on Facebook and I will happily make you an admin of the group. You will find two local Graeme Morrison’s. You need to friend request the one with the profile pic of me in a suit as this is my professional page.

Thanks in advance for supporting the LYN.


Now in week ten of the restrictions, things have started to feel different. There seems to be a more relaxed approach, but it is still very important to follow the guidance about social distancing and who you meet with. Minimising contact with others will continue to help prevent the spread of Covid 19.

You will have seen discussion about bonfires on social media. To clarify again, in Wiltshire there are no byelaws restricting bonfires but under the current circumstances, Wiltshire Council has asked that householders do not light fires.
Fairfield Farm College is a commercial working farm and holds a D7 waste exemption which allows them to burn plant tissue and untreated wood waste in the open. The college has a substantial problem with garden waste being dumped on their property, thus increasing the workload. If you have any information about this please let the college or Parish Council know

Wiltshire Council had put a hold on grass cutting but are planning to start again in the next couple of weeks. Some areas are tended by Wiltshire Council, with the work contracted to idVerde; others are managed by the Parish Council. Many thanks to those villagers that have been helping out by mowing and tidying. Where the grass has not been cut yet, it may look untidy but remember that this helps the environment by creating important wildlife habitat.

The playing field is open for exercising, but please remember that the play equipment is not in use until further notice. The field is now very dry after being waterlogged just a couple of months ago. To help with drainage and alleviate the risk of flooding to neighbouring properties, a drainage system was installed several years ago. You can see where this is by the “paths” of gravel at the western end of the field. This system works well, with the gravel being regularly maintained to keep it free of weeds.

The Westbury Community Area Board, which covers Dilton Marsh, is working on re-establishing the Local Youth Network. Under normal circumstances, the aim of this is to provide an opportunity for groups to come together to promote and deliver activities and services for young people, as well as contributing to decisions on local youth funding. The current plan is to provide activities over the coming months while young people are still off school. The proposal is to create Facebook and Instagram pages from which young people can access online activities, events, competitions, forums, sports/fitness/dance sessions etc – all of which will be run by local groups. Watch this space for more information and please contact the Parish Council with suggestions, or if you would like to be involved with running activities.

Speeding vehicles is always a major concern and especially so at the moment. As previously announced, the Parish Council will be buying a Speed Indicator Device to help address this. The Community Speedwatch Team will be up and running as soon as they get the go-ahead, but in the meantime, do take a note of and report offending vehicles to the police at https://wiltshire.police.uk/report_a_crime or call 101.

Over the past few months, more people have been walking and cycling for exercise and to access essential services and with the reduced traffic, this has been relatively safe and allowed for social distancing. Under direction from the government, Wiltshire Council is looking at ways to make significant changes to their road layouts to give more space to cyclists and pedestrians – and many places have already put measures in place. It’s difficult to say how this could work in villages like ours but do let the Parish Council know if you have any ideas. You can find information at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/reallocating-road-space-in-response-to-covid-19-statutory-guidance-for-local-authorities/traffic-management-act-2004-network-management-in-response-to-covid-19

Following Mental Health Awareness week, we have received copies of a useful booklet called “Wellbeing and mental health: A guide to looking after yourself and others”. You can pick up a copy from the vicarage and telephone box - or call 01373 301656.

Parish Council business continues and if anything urgent arises, we are able to hold meetings remotely. If you have anything to raise, please contact Nicola Duke, the Parish Clerk, on 01373 864127 or email at diltonmarshpc@aol.co.uk
Useful information will continue to be posted on the Parish Council Facebook page and website https://diltonmarsh-pc.uk

With very best wishes from the Parish Council to all residents. Please stay safe and well.
Kathy Hutt


Council Meetings

The agenda for the October meeting of the PC is now published in the Agenda folder.

The draft minutes for the September meeting of the PC are now published in the Minutes folder.

Following our recent consultation on reopening some library services during the COVID-19 pandemic, the libraries in Chippenham, Salisbury and Trowbridge will reopen next week.
Trowbridge Library will open from 3 August, and Chippenham and Salisbury Library on 4 August, with safety measures in place to ensure social distancing to keep people as safe as possible.
These libraries will be fully reopened for people to browse for a certain amount of time, to select and loan books and use the computers.
More than 7,000 people took part in a consultation on how the council could reopen library services during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In looking through the feedback throughout the duration of the consultation, it was apparent that people are keen for some libraries to reopen as soon as possible. Therefore, the council will open three of Wiltshire’s biggest libraries first, with more expected to follow in due course.
The following measures have been brought in to help keep staff and visitors safe:
Here’s the key information customers need to know:
• Opening hours will be:
- Trowbridge: Monday, Thursday and Saturday - 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 4pm.
- Chippenham & Salisbury: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - 10am – 1pm
and 2pm – 4pm.
• Loan items continue to be renewed automatically, currently to the end of September, so there is no rush to return items
• People can attend one of these libraries and browse for up to 30 minutes
• People are advised to be sensible and not pick up and put back lots of books
• Social distancing measures will be in place, with clear signage
• Hand sanitiser will be available at each library
• Depending on how many people are using the library, people may have to queue outside upon arrival
• Computers in the libraries can be used for 45 minutes, but people must book them in advance. They can be booked by phoning the relevant library.
• People should bring their library cards
• Returned books will be stored for 72 hours before being put back on shelves
• Screens will be in place at main customer service desk
• People will be asked to provide contact details as part of the COVID-19 test and trace system. Details will be handled in accordance with GDPR laws
The following will not be available at the three libraries for the time being:
• Toilet facilities
• Group activities such as book clubs and rhyme time sessions
• Newspapers and magazines
• Reservation service

The online library content, which has proven to be hugely popular over the lockdown period, will continue. So far, there has been more than 100,000 views of library videos, such as rhyme and story time, since March.
Plans are underway to reopen more services and libraries, and more information on that will be available in due course.
We will keep you updated.

Planning Applications

Planning Applications and decisions

The white paper and single page summary sheet for Planning for the Future, with details of the consultation, can be found under the Planning pages.

Planning applications to be considered at the October PC meeting (refer to Planning Applications page for further details):

Application Ref: 20/08132/VAR

Application for Variation of Condition

Proposal:- Variation of condition 1 (approved plans) of planning application 17/12194/REM (Approval of Reserved Matters pursuant of Outline Permission 15/12551/OUT and Variation of Condition permission 17/01314/VAR for erection of 300 no. dwellings with public open space, play areas, teenage facility and associated infrastructure. (matters relating to appearance, layout, landscaping and scale)

At: Land at Westbury Sailing Lake, Station Road, Westbury, Wilts

Assigned Officer: Steven Sims Direct Line: 01225 770238

Planning applications considered at the September PC meeting;

20/06775/WCM - Northacre Energy from Waste Facility, Stephenson Road, Northacre Trading Estate, Westbury, BA13 4WD - Amended energy from waste facility to that consented under Planning Permission 18/09473/WCM
The Parish Council objected to the application.
A copy of the objection letter to Wiltshire Council can be found under PLANNING APPLICATIONS AND COMMENTS.

Planning applications considered at August PC meeting:

20/05478/FUL Clivey Paddocks, Clivey, Dilton Marsh, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 4BA
Construction of menage pony arena - No objection

20/05394/FUL Thoulstone Park Golf Club Thoulstone Chapmanslade BA13 4AQ Construction of small farm shop and cafe with associated access track and surface
water basin - No objection

20/06775/WCM Northacre Energy from Waste Facility, Stephenson Road, Northacre Trading Estate, Westbury, BA13 4WD Amended energy from waste facility to that consented under Planning Permission 18/09473/WCM
Deferred to the September meeting

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