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Welcome to the Council Transparency Portal, where officers can easily post one or many documents on the Internet with a single mouse click.

The site can be personalised with your banner or icon and council title, fonts and colours, optional picture and introductory text (this text) to inform visitors the purpose of the site or some background information about the Parish.

Links to other websites can be included like this one: Click me!

Please feel free to browse this site for examples, or see what can be done

Information Boxes

Customers can configure from 0 to 3 boxes to appear at the bottom of their home page, with their preferred title and content.

Items in the boxes can be linked to documents on the portal. This would enable officers to highlight upcoming meetings in this box, with a link to the Agenda.

Here is an example ...

How simple it is to publish documents

Portal Options

The portal comes with these useful options:

Dual Language
Change language between English and Welsh by clicking the flags at the top right of any page

Search facility
Search all published PDF documents for words or phrases using the Search bar at the top of the page. Click Here to search for "Portal" in documents on this site.

Restricted Areas
One or more restricted areas which require a user name and password to access.

Access our test Restricted area with user Microshade and password VSM (both case sensitive). Click Here to jump to the Restritcted page

Easy to Layout

Easy to Layout Folders
Simply file your documents by folder and sub-folder as you would on any computer.

On publishing, your folder layout is replicated Under the "Website Contents" list, above.

Documents are ordered by date

Documents such as Meeting Minutes are automatically displayed in order with the most recent at the top

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